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GretchKen Contact Phone Number and Email address

GretchKen Contact Phone Number and Email address
Sound Blocking Vinyl Barriers
SoundBlocker1 - Reinforced
Clear SoundBlocker1 - Reinforced
Colored SoundBlocker1 - Reinforced

These mass loaded vinyl's that are very heavy and dense.
These vinyl's are specially designed to help lower the volume
of sound transmitting through walls and/or ceilings

Ask about our:
"Custom Window Coverings"
We custom manufacture window coverings made from
"Clear Reinforced"
and "Colored Reinforced"
Vinyl Barrier.

SoundBlocker1  - Reinforced  - Flexible Sound Barrier
Sound Reduction
125 250 500 1000 2000 4000

GK - Reinforced Barrier
Thickness: ⅛"
Weight: 1 pound per square foot
STC Rated: 27

Roll sizes: Non-adhesive backed
54" x 10' (45 sq ft.) $165 roll
54" x 20' (90 sq ft.) $325 roll
54" x 30' (135 sq ft.) $486 roll
54" x 60' (270 sq ft.) $972 roll

*Note volume discounts are available

Clear SoundBlocker1 - Flexible vinyl Noise Barrier
Clear vinyl rolls  SoundBlocker1
Weight: 1 pound per square foot
STC rating 27

Clear -  Vinyl Barrier

Thickness: 3/16" thick
            Roll size:
            54" x 30' (135 sq ft.) $688
            54" x 60' (240 sq. ft.) $1,288

Custom Cut Pieces Available, including custom projects with Velcro and/or grommets. Clear Noise Barrier is a great choice for custom window coverings to help lower the volume of sound coming in through a window, when you can not replace the old window.

Colored SoundBlocker Vinyl Barrier - Reinforced - Flexible noise barrier

colored vinyl barrier
Comes in 4 colors:
Grey, Blue, Olive,
and Beige


Colored - Reinforced Barrier
Weight: 1 pound per square foot
Thickness: ⅛"
STC Rated: 27

Custom Cut Sizes Only!

Custom Cut Pieces of Colored reinforced flexible noise barrier barrier vinyl can be manufactured with or without Velcro and/or grommets.

Great choice for custom hanging curtains for Industrial/Mill/Manufacturing Noise Control projects.


GretchKen Contact Phone Number and Email address

GretchKen Contact Phone Number and Email address

SoundBlocker1 - Reinforced a Flexible Vinyl Noise Barrier. This vinyl barrier material is reinforced with a fiberglass mesh on the outside of the vinyl, so it will not tear under its own weight while installing or if used as a curtain with grommets. This material is very heavy, it weights 1 pound per square foot, and it comes in either roll sizes or custom cut pieces to meet your specifications, including additional options such as: Velcro to seal seams, grommets for hanging, and other special requests welcome.

Reinforced Clear
(SoundBlocker1 - Clear - Reinforced)
vinyl barrier is an excellent product to use as a window covering to help block sound or in any other application where sound blocking is needed, but visual contact is also needed. We can manufacture custom pieces of any size (maximum 48" wide per piece) and add Velcro to edges to make larger pieces or so
those pieces can be installed inside, around or against the area you are trying to block sound. This works great over a or around a window, machinery, and other applications. Grommets can also be added to edges so pieces can be hung like a curtain around or in front of something loud.

Reinforced Colored
(SoundBlocker1 - Colored - Reinforced)
Sound Blocking Vinyl's are Designed for custom projects and are custom cut to size for curtains around loud machinery, window coverings and more. You can add Velcro and Grommets as needed. Ask for Pricing on this item.

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