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GretchKen Contact Phone Number and Email address

GretchKen Contact Phone Number and Email address

Rubber Products
MLC Rubber
PVC/Nitrile Blend Rubber

Rubber products help to isolate vibrations , they do not block sound
or absorb sound. Rubber only decouples vibration.
PVC / Nitrile Rubber - Anti-Vibration Mats

pvc rubber decoupler

















rebond rubber

O1-Anti-Vibration Rubber Mats
(Has antimicrobial Properties)
Pre-cut to size:
Mats have beveled edges
All Mats are 3/4" thick

¾” x 20” x 24” - $46
¾" x 20" x 33" - $63
¾” x 24” x 36” - $73
¾” x 24” x 42” - $83
¾" x 24" x 48" - $94
¾” x 30" x 36" - $90
¾” x 36” x 36” - $110
¾" x 36" x 42" - $122
¾” x 36” x 60” - $180
¾" x 42" x 48" - $170
¾" x 42" x 72" - $233
¾" x 48" x 48" - $183
¾" x 48" x 72" - $274

***Custom Mats can be Manufactured to Order.

O2 - Anti-Vibration Rubber Mats
(Does Not have Anti-Microbial Properties) 
Sold by the Linear Foot:
All Mats are: 3/4" Thick

With or Without Beveled Edges.

24" wide - $23.00 per L. F.   

30" wide - $26.00 per L. F.

36" wide - $35.00 per L. F.

48" wide - $45.00 per L. F.

Re-Bonded Anti-Vibration Mats:

Great for under carpets or light weight items that vibrate. Made from recycled PVC/Nitrile Rubber. Great at carpet underlayment.

36" wide x 3/16" thick - $4 Linear Foot
36" wide x 1/4" thick - $5 Linear Foot
36" wide x 5/16" thick - $6 Linear Foot
36" wide x 3/8" thick - $7 Linear Foot

42" wide x 3/16" thick - $6 Linear Foot
42" wide x 1/4" thick - $7 Linear Foot
42" wide x 5/16" thick - $8 Linear Foot
42" wide x 3/8" thick - $9 Linear Foot

***Custom Roll Sizes up to 50' long can be manufactured to Order ***

O3 Rebond with Tuff Coat is also avaliable for specific applications - Ask

Other Anti-Vibration Mats for:

1. Boats
2. Under Washing Machines
3. Under Hot Tubs
4. Under Carpet
5. Under Sound Recording Booths
6. Under Drums
7. Anti-Fatguie
8. Labratories
9. Small Machines and Equipment
10. Aquarium Pumps
11. Many More Applications!


GretchKen Contact Phone Number and Email address


PVC/Nitrile Anti-Vibration Rubber Mats These are one of kind mats. They are a closed cell, non absorbent to just about anything including fuels, and Chemicals, also resistant to molds and mildews. Burn Test UL94HBF Passed. Excellent choice for decoupling floor from noisy, vibrating machinery, motors, pumps, under hot tubs, and percussion instruments. Has a very long life! It will not degrade with extended use like other rubber pads. Great floor mats for drummers and other musician's (and even loud speaker systems) needing to keep vibrations from traveling through floors. (you will need to use other room acoustic treatments to prevent noise from traveling between rooms). These rubber mats are also great for your legs when standing for long periods of time playing an instrument, singing, voiceover's & more! One of the Best anti-fatigue mats you will every find.

Excellent protection against
Electro-Static Discharge (ESD), 
and conductive for a rapid discharge to ground.

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